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Food Integrity 2020 – Editor’s pick

28 January 2020 | By

New Food’s Editor, Bethan Grylls reveals what she is most looking forward to at the upcoming Food Integrity conference.

Understanding blockchain in the food industry

28 January 2020 | By

Emerging technologies are promising a safer and more transparent supply chain, but can we ever truly trust these new innovations? Ahead of her contribution to the food fraud panel at Food Integrity 2020, Julie Pierce tells New Food why we should trust in blockchain.

A safer, more transparent food system

23 January 2020 | By

New Food recently attended the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) first 2020 Board Meeting to hear how it will manage the inevitable changes coming to the UK’s food systems, and ensure not only a smooth transition, but a securer supply chain.

Are you confident in the safety of our food?

16 January 2020 | By

Ahead of speaking at Food Integrity, Bethan Grylls, Editor of New Food, interviews innocent drinks’ Central Technical Team Leader, Konstantina Karagkika, about the pressures on industry and how the company looks to identify and prevent risks to its supply chain.

Is alcohol worse than cannabis?

10 January 2020 | By

Drunken accidents are on the rise, yet alcohol remains a perfectly legal beverage. Here, Phil Patterson of Real Cannabis Club questions whether industry is being too hard on cannabis and if, when compared to alcohol, it is really that bad…

CBD explained…

10 January 2020 | By

CBD, hemp and THC are becoming familiar words to the industry, yet confusion around their differences and side effects still looms. Here,?Bethan Grylls speaks to expert Ryan Crane about the variances, US?regulation, and his vision to remove the cannabis stigma.

When CBD met chocolate

9 January 2020 | By

The health-conscious, environmentally-aware consumer has encouraged new trends in the chocolate sector that affect flavour, texture and harvesting. Greater Goods has gone one step further, infusing the beloved food of the gods with CBD. Bethan Grylls hears from its co-founder about why this combination works.