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How to accelerate successful product innovation with Product Lifecycle Management

13 May 2020 | By

Food and beverage manufacturers need to take a fresh approach to how they do business.

Accelerate food, pharmaceutical and particle analysis with Raman imaging


This webinar describes how Raman microscopy can help answer some of the most vital and challenging questions that researchers face in 3D imaging and microparticle analyses of food, pharmaceuticals and microplastics, along with providing measurement examples from each field. The session begins with a brief introduction to the principles of…

Cannabinoids in New Products: Testing and other concerns


With so many countries changing their attitudes towards cannabis and many testing the properties of this diverse plant, it won’t be long until we see more cannabis-infused products on our shelves. Many global food and beverage manufacturers including Mondelez, Coca-Cola and Molson Cools are exploring the options of cannabinoids in…

The safety and integrity of rice production


Rice, wheat, and maize are the world’s three leading food crops; together they supply over 40% of all calories consumed by the entire human population. Of these three major crops, rice is the most widely consumed food crop for people in?the developing world. It has been estimated that over half…